SFS Philosophy

Years ago I met a Financial Coach who helped Native Americans managed their earnings from owning casinos. After seeing the difference this kind of consulting could make, I knew I wanted to do the same for others. It is this passion that has led me to start Somers Financial Services and why I work to provide the same financial solutions for your business.

During our first financial consultation I work to understand your financial expectations and ensure my process fits your needs. My goal from there is to build trust by making sound financial decisions derived from our first meeting.Then, I work alongside you to help your business grow strategically with margin analysis and cost savings tactics. Finally, I develop a step-by-step plan which gives a simple, consistent and effective daily guide to run your business as efficiently as possible.

As we work together, I try to be an extension of your business—not just a consultant. I want to work together to help drive your business in the right direction, making you more profitable and ensuring your growth.